Consider volunteering! Its a fantastic way to meet and share ideas with fellow progressives, in addition to being influential to party objectives and campaigns. Fill out the contact form so the office can get in touch with you.

Below are some activities to consider:

During Elections: Providing rides to polls; Assembling yard signs; Placing yard signs; Get Out The Vote initiatives; Rural outreach

Media: Write/sign letters-to-the-editor to raise issues; Watch/read/listen to the news for stories; Watch/read/listen for opponent ads; Be available for an interview at events; Call radio programs

Neighborhood: Be a neighborhood leader; Voter ID/persuasion canvassing; "Knock and Drops;"  Literature drops

Office: Staff the front desk; Prepare mailings; Make copies; Data entry

Telephone: Voter identification; Volunteer recruitment; Crowd building for events

Visibility: Be "in the crowd" (attend candidate events); Staff fairs; Walk in parades; Attend festivals; Material handout; Outreach to other groups

Fundraising: Garage sales; Work at annual Gala fundraiser; Fundraising ideas and development


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